Hemp Board

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Hemp Board has excellent internal bond strength and other performance characteristics that meets or exceeds the American Natural Standard’s Institute (ANSI) requirements for commercial particleboard

  • Doors
  • Cabinetry and doors
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Stereo/TV stands and casings
  • contains lignin, a natural polymer found in all plants

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HempBoard is available in 2’ x 4’ sheets only at this time - min. order is 10 sheets

Technical Specifications:
Density: 20 lb/s.f.
MOR (psi): 1,160
MOE (psi): 44
Linear Expansion: N/A
Face Screw Hold: N/A
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 1 mm

Compatibility as a substrate for laminates and veneers: Laminates well but may telegraph depending on stiffness and thickness of laminate

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(minimum order = 10 pieces, can be assorted thickness)

HempBoard can be customised for interior or exterior applications. For interior applications HempBoard is re made with the addition of melamine fortified UF resin that meets Europe’s E1 Emissions standard for off-gassing of formaldehyde, the most strict standard for furniture off-gassing in the world. HempBoard is an environmentally sustainable alternative to particleboard that meets or exceeds particleboard industry ANSI specifications. Applications include acoustic ceiling tiles, furniture, cabinets, countertops, door cores and underlayment.

For exterior applications HempBoard is manufactured with phenolic resin, eco-acrylic resin or without any synthetic resin, requiring only the addition of a small quantity of additional lignin (a natural polymer found in all plants and trees). Applications include Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), as well as a range of exterior applications including roofing shingles and siding.

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