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Host Kevin McCloud talks about his Grand Designs Hemp project

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Hemp Technologies Global consults on hemp building projects globally - whether residential, commercial or industrial we have a sustainable health based building solution for your project.

NOTE: Hemp Technologies Global assumes no liability from any person, company or entity who decides to mix and use ”Hempcrete” on their own. Customers are advised to consult and/or use a licensed general contractor, architect/designer and structural engineer before undertaking any hemp/lime building projects.

Benefits of Hemp-Lime in construction:

  • Thermal Mass Insulation
  • Negative Carbon (>6lbs/cubic foot)
  • Low Density
  • Clean Air
  • High Thermal Resistance (R-Value = 2.5 - 3.0 per inch)
  • High Thermal Inertia
  • Vapour Permeable (breathable) (>2 gm/M2/mm)
  • Design Flexibility (adjustable thickness)
  • Fire and Pest Resistant (NO Termites)
  • Significantly Reduce Co2 Emissions (.545kg/kWh)
  • Inherently Airtight (<2: m3/m2 hr @ 50 pa)
  • No Waste (re-build or fertilise)
  • No Mould (lime is highly alkaline)
  • No Termites
  • No Dry Rot
  • Natural Substrates for Plasters and Renders
  • Low Air Infiltration (.75 gm/m2/mm hg)

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