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Premium, all natural HempBed is perfect for your cat; read the following testimonial from a very satisfied customer who breeds hairless cats…..

Hi Greg,
Just a quick email to let you know how great the hemp is working out at our cat breeding and boarding operation here at Drury.  As I think we discussed at the outset I was previously using the clumping litter in the litter boxes and the trouble was that not only was I having to remove the waste twice a day but also when the stuff becomes wet it immediately turns into this gooey gung and then you are faced with a monstrous clean-up operation. In addition it is extremely difficult to get rid of so had to be despatched to the rubbish bin to eventually end up in a landfill. It’s funny but I tried spreading it in a young shelter belt in one of the paddocks and 6 months later every time you step on it (accidentally) it still is a slippery gooey mess.

However, no problems like this for your hemp. I only have to deal to the litter boxes once a day and as the liquid portion of their waste sinks to the bottom it means only removing the solid faeces and then topping up. Cleaning is a breeze (wet or dry) and I now recycle/compost the used material either under our fruit trees or down a shelter belt where it’s doing a great job keeping the moisture in the ground and the weeds under control. In terms of usage with our 30-40 cats and kittens I go through about 1 x 15kg bag a week so it is very economic  and also as it is easy to sweep up any loose bits it means that we have to do less remedial cleaning thereby freeing up more time for other things.

All in all a great product and I’m happy to discuss hemp with any potential users you have coming along……Andrew, Drury, New Zealand

Hemp renews itself annually and when disposed of composts 2x faster than other bedding materials

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