Universal Design

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Universal Design encourages the participation of many users with many abilities and allows people to remain in their home as circumstances change. In other words, you continue to live in the home of your choice safely and independent as you get older.

Beginning January 1st, 2011, in the United States of America, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers (1946-1964 inclusive) will reach the age of 65 EVERY DAY for the next 19 years !!!


Universal Design is about creating an attractive, stylish space that everyone, regardless of age, size or ability can live in or visit.

A home with Universal Design makes it easier for residents to live in and guests to visit now and in the future, even as everybody’s needs and abilities change.

Incorporating Universal Design features into your home in the pre-construction phase often adds little cost and is usually much cheaper than remodeling a home with traditional design features.

Having Universal Design features in a home makes good sense and can be so attractive that no-one notices them - except for how easy they are to use.

Essential Universal Design Features:

Hemp+Lime walls insulate, attenuate sound AND absorb CO2

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No-Step Entry:

At least one step-free entrance into your home, either through the front, back or garage door. This lets everyone, even those who use a wheelchair enter the home easily and safely.

Single-Floor Living:

Having a bedroom, kitchen, full bathroom with plenty of maneuvering room and an entertainment area on the same floor is convenient for all families.

Wide Doors and Hallways:

With your home’s doorways at least 36 inches (91 cm) wide, you can easily move large pieces of furniture or appliances through your home. Similarly, hallways that are 42 inches (1 meter) wide and free of hazards or steps let everyone and everything move in, out and around easily.

Reachable Controls and Switches:

Anyone, even a person in a wheelchair, can reach light switches that are from 42-48 inches (1-1.2 meters) above the floor, thermostats no higher than 48 inches (1.2 meters) off the floor, and electrical outlets 18-24 inches (46-61 cm) off the floor.

Low Energy LED Lighting
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Easy to use Handles and Switches:

Lever-style door handles and rocker switches make opening doors, turning on water and lighting a room easier for people of every age and ability.

Solar Energy
a 2.3kW system will yield ~3100kWh per year

Invisible Water collection

eco sac

eco sac® is the superior flexible rainwater bladder tank that hides away under decks or floors making it much more discrete than traditional rainwater tanks. The bladder tanks sit in a strong galvanised or stainless steel frame supported by industrial strength geo tech fabric. There are no moving parts and the inlet/outlet pipes are static and easy to access on the end of the bladder tank.

Pure Wool Carpets

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Wool is an incredibly sustainable floor covering material as it is produced by sheep fed on pastures fuelled by sunlight. This is reflected in the amount of energy it takes to produce Wool which is about 1/8th of that used in the production of Nylon. Once Wool is harvested and spun it can, at the end of its long life cycle, be safely returned to the ground or recycled. Under the right conditions it is totally biodegradable as Wool is made from the very building blocks of life; amino acids which, on bio-degradation release essential plant nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous back into the soil.

Hemp Technologies, in collaboration with our Brand Partners around the globe, incorporate Universal Design features into all our homes, with the added benefit of being completely VOC free AND breathing CO2 into our Hemp-Lime walls, while providing the lowest energy cost year round.

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