Chook Bedding ’n Feed

How much hemp bedding for my chickens ?

1 bag of HempBed will cover 25 square feet (2.5 m2) at 2” (5 cm) deep.

Change out the bedding as it becomes soiled.

”you’ll be pleased to know that I have 16 hens and 2 bags of your hemp bedding has lasted me 18 months in their coop. NO odour; it’s wonderful stuff”….. says Steve in North Carolina.

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HempBed Animal Bedding is produced from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and is the most absorbent bedding material on the market. This unique product features superior qualities to other bedding currently available such as wood or straw.

Very High Absorbency allows the Hemp bedding material to stay dry longer than wood or straw shavings. HempBed will absorb 4x its own weight!

Low Dust and Low Palatability are two qualities critical to limiting respiratory and other health risk to animals.

HempBed is
chemical free and requires no pesticides or herbicides when grown which prevent chemical residues being transferred to any animals.

lasts longer so is economical which translates into dollar savings thru reductions in labor, transport and storage.

baby chicks on hemp

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Hemp Protein 33 Chickens
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Supplement your hen’s regular feed each day with a tablespoon of our 33% hemp seed protein and you’ll see:

larger eggs
reduced cholesterol
thicker egg shells
increased egg count
increased fertility
cleaner eggs (more bum feathers :)


Q. How many chickens can you have per acre ?
A. Twenty (20) adult chickens produce ~1 metric ton (1000 kg/2200 lbs) of manure per year. For ex: an acre of grass van absorb up to 80 chickens.

Q. How many chickens are in a chook farm ?
A. Farmers raise more than 50 Billion chickens annually as a source of food, both for meat and eggs. Chickens raised for eggs are usually called ”Layers” while chooks raised for meat are often called ”Broilers”.

Q. How much land do chickens need to ”free-range” ?
A. So for four (4) cooks to free-range, you only need a coop/run the measures about 4’ x 4’ (16 F2) but it’s always best to give them as much space as you can. For chickens contained inside the run at all times, (not free-ranging) we suggest 10’ x 10’ per bird. (see our chicken coop design here).

Q. How many eggs does a hook lay per day ?
A. A hen lays only one egg per day and will have some days when it does not lay an egg at all. The reasons for this laying schedule relate to the hen’s reproductive system - a hen’s body begins forming an egg shortly after the previous egg is laid and it takes 26 hours for an egg to fully form.

Q. How many eggs can a chook lay per year ?
A. A hen that lays one (1) egg per day is a good ”layer” - hens can produce 200-250 eggs per year typically.

Q. Can chickens stay in the coop all day ?
A. Usually the chooks will move inside the hen house when it begins to get dark - natural survival instinct. Some birds may try to hide their nests outside the coop but you are vigilant and can bring them inside the coop :)

Q. How many nesting boxes per hen ?
A. In general, you should provide at least one (1) nesting box for every 4 laying hens.

Q. How high should a chicken roost be ?
A. Allow 8” of perching space for each chook, 10” for larger breeds. Place them 2’ above the floor and at least 18” from the nearest parallel wall and space them 18” apart.

Q. How much protein does a chook need per day ?
A. Chickens need around 20 grams (heaped tablespoon) of protein every day to keep them laying eggs. If they don’t get enough protein they won’t lay as many eggs - simple. Think about it, eggs contain protein, rite :)

add one (1) heaped tablespoon of our hemp 33% protein crumble to your daily chook feed and you’ll get the best eggs you’ve ever seen - guaranchickenteed !!


Q. How much daylight does a chook need ?
A. In addition to good diet, a chicken needs 14 hours of daylight to lay eggs. You can use artificial lighting to your cooks laying eggs but not recommended if you want to give your hens tie to rest between laying seasons.

Q. What are the best laying hens to get ?
A. If you’re looking to max out your egg production, here is a list of the top ten (10) producing hens and their egg production per year in USA:

Hybrid = 280
Rhode Island Red = 250
Leghorn = 250
Sussex = 250
Plymouth Rock = 200
Ancona = 200
Barnevelder = 200
Hamburg = 200
Marines = 200
Buff Orpington = 180

A chicken’s first year of laying eggs is always their best, of course. It’s a sad fact that older chooks just don’t lay as many eggs as younger chickens. By the age of three (3) the number of eggs a chicken lays really slows down. For ex. if you chicken lays 250 eggs their first year, then by year 3 it will only lay 160 eggs.


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Dutch experience with using Hemp for chicken rearing (1.8mb)

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Hemp Seed Cake fed to Broilers (471kb)

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